TOWNHILL music artist BARE JokeZ may be gathering a global fanbase but his success has not come without trauma. 

Also known as Danny Herbert, the rapper pushed through mental illness that affected most of his childhood and now he is championing those who struggle with their own mental health challenges. 

To help create awareness, BARE JokeZ has invited a coach load of fans to help record an upcoming music video and join his gig in Edinburgh at Subway nightclub in November. 

The 30-year-old said: “I went through mental health struggles myself, so I want to help alleviate other people’s struggles. 

“When talking to these people, many of them can’t get out of the house, so bringing them to the music video is an exercise I think will help them make friends and make them realise they are not alone. 

“I’m also working with the Scottish Association of Mental Health and I’m meeting with clients to show they can get through their illness.”

Despite being an independent artist, Danny has been making waves with his music and has been interviewed recently on US radio. 

His music particularly speaks to those who are going through dark times. 

He explained: “I spent most of my time in hospital as a youth until I was released when I was 21. I was diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD and paranoid schizophrenia. 

“The event that triggered my problems was being stabbed multiple times by two women when I was 13.

"I had sneaked out of my house with my friends and a woman asked me if I wanted to go to a party.

"The attack was part of a satanic ritual to cement two people’s love for each other. 

“Unbelievably, I survived and healed physically very quickly but unfortunately I never healed mentally. 

“I was getting voices in my head and I couldn’t control my emotions. 

“Part of the escape was writing music and when I was released from hospital I went from there and just tried to get better.”

Danny did get better and while attending college, began producing his own music. 

He continued: “I still have those moments of darkness but I have learned it’s how you deal with it that matters, not if you will feel like that. 

“Putting those feelings into music in a creative way has been my escape. 

“I’ve come a long way from those dark times and now I am able to help people struggling with their own mental health problems.

“It’s not all been for nothing and they know where I have been and where I am now.”

BARE JokeZ will soon be releasing an album, alongside single ‘Long way to go’. Find out more at