A DUNFERMLINE man flooded his ex-wife’s home in the middle of the night.

John Clark, 48, of Beatty Place, also ransacked her cupboards and freezer and stole two helmets. He appeared in the dock for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court last week.

Clark previously admitted that on June 29 at an address in Dunfermline, he did maliciously unscrew a sink drainage fitting, turn on a tap and leave the tap running, causing the kitchen and living room to flood and causing damage to the floor coverings and household items.

He also admitted that he stole two motorbike helmets.

Depute fiscal Jane Rennie told the court that Clark and his ex were still legally married but had been separated for six years.

“At 11.30pm, the complainer had tidied up some items in the kitchen and turned the taps off.

“Two motorcycle helmets had also been left downstairs.

“The complainer did not lock the patio doors because her daughter was still out and then she went to bed.

“About an hour later, the accused entered the house by the patio doors.

“He was looking around the freezer hoping to find drugs.

“Annoyed that he didn’t find any, he took the u-bend off the sink and turned on the taps.

“He also took the motorcycle helmets.

“In the morning, the complainer saw the mess and the missing two helmets and phoned the police.

“When police contacted the accused, he admitted that he had done it to anger his ex-wife, but stated he would like to apologise.

“The cost to replace the carpets was £200.”

Defence solicitor Chris Sneddon said: “The house is a Kingdom Housing property.

“Mr Clark committed no offences until he was 43.

“At the time his mental health was not in a good state and this relates to traumatic childhood incidents.

“He went in the freezer to look for substances. He has said he cannot apologise enough.”

The court was told that Clark was not receiving any benefits and so sentencing was deferred until December 13 for an update on his benefit status.