The Conservative Party is reeling from the resignation of Boris Johnson's deputy amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour and financial irregularities.

Ray Lewis was forced to step down after the Mayor of London decided he could no longer offer him the "backing necessary to continue" having been misled over his role as a magistrate.

Labour big-hitters seized on the resignation, suggesting it raised questions not only for the Mayor but for Conservative leader David Cameron, who had been closely associated with the now ex-deputy.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears said: "People across the country will note that after just two months the new Tory administration in London is in complete disarray.

"David Cameron has known Ray Lewis since his first day as Tory leader and Boris Johnson appointed him as Deputy Mayor days into the job. People will ask, how have they allowed themselves to be embroiled in a mess like this?"

Her comments come after a turbulent 24 hours for London's Tories. On Thursday it emerged that the deputy mayor was facing multiple claims relating to his time as a priest and as founder of an academy for young people.

They relate to alleged inappropriate behaviour with a parishioner in the late 1990s and while at the Eastside Young Leaders Academy - a youth scheme founded by Mr Lewis in 2003.

Separate claims of financial irregularity centre on money entrusted to the deputy mayor while he was a priest.

An independent inquiry was launched in City Hall into the allegations.

But Mr Lewis was forced to step down after it emerged that the Mayor had been misled over him being a serving justice of the peace.