Dame Judi Dench was left in tears on Sunday night's episode of Countryfile after witnessing golden eagles in the wild, ticking off a top bucket list moment for the star.

The James Bond star appeared on the BBC show as presenter Hamza Yassin helped her to fulfil a lifetime ambition of seeing these majestic birds in their natural habitat.

She revealed that she only ever remembered catching a glimpse of one while visiting Scotland years ago.

Judi Dench witnesses Golden Eagles on Countryfile alongside Strictly star Hamza Yassin

Dame Judi Dench and Strictly Come Dancing star Hamza Yassin travelled around in a car to a "secret location" where they were able to catch a glimpse of two golden eagles.

Prior to the sighting, Judi recounted her past experience of seeing one, telling the 33-year-old Countryfile star: "We were on a back road, I was driving and I looked up and there was an eagle. I said to my daughter Finty, ‘You look at the road, I’ll look at the eagle’. I was driving, shameful isn’t it."

The star, who has a degenerative eye condition, saw the birds of prey on the BBC show as they flew near a kestrel in the sky in a rare sighting.

Judi was overwhelmed by this, saying: "I could see one and you are a witness to seeing that I saw it… How breathtaking, I’m very overcome… it’s an enormous privilege, don’t you [think]. How often does anybody see that? Not very often."

Hamza replied: "There’s few people in the UK that can say they’ve seen a golden eagle in the wild… and doing some pretty impressive behaviour."

Judi responded: "How brilliant. And I can keep that [the video] and show it? I never quite thought it would happen. [I believed] well, we’ll go out and we’ll be looking. They won’t [appear]… we saw them… thank you so much."