A WORKER threatened to kill his employer and his daughter in a dispute over car registration documents in Dunfermline.

The business owner was leasing out vehicles and was shocked to hear from the DVLA that they had been sold.

William Sneddon, the worker who leased out the five vehicles involved, went absent and then started threatening his employer.

Sneddon, 32, formerly of Newton Crescent, Rosyth, now of Colinton Place, Glasgow, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that between August 7-9 last year at Duncan Crescent, Dunfermline, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by repeatedly acting aggressively and making threats of violence towards Walter Hardie and Stephanie Thompson.

Depute fiscal Alex Piper told the court that Mr Hardie owns a car business and Sneddon worked there for a period, initially on vehicle repairs.

Latterly, he was allowed to deal with the leasing of vehicles. On July 9 last year, he failed to turn up for work and by July 12, he was still absent.

Mr Hardie called him and Sneddon said he had family problems but would be returning to work the next week.

However, the following week, he said the difficulties had not been resolved and he was still not at work.

Mr Hardie was also becoming concerned about payments not being made for vehicles which had been leased out by Sneddon.

Mr Hardie then received a letter from the DVLA saying five people were seeking V5 registration documents as new owners. He wrote back saying the vehicles had only been leased, not sold.

Sneddon then contacted Mr Hardie threatening him that he would be killed by the people buying the vehicles if they did not receive the documents.

On the morning of August 8, Sneddon called Mr Hardie’s workshop again threatening him and his daughter, Ms Thompson, who also worked there.

“He said persons living in Glasgow would get them,” said the depute. “They became quite fearful.” They later contacted the police.

The court was told Sneddon had worked for Mr Hardie for nine months and had since moved from Fife to live in Glasgow.

Sheriff Craig McSherry fined Sneddon £500.