IT’S taken almost 20 years but a pedestrian crossing in Rosyth should finally be operational “in the coming weeks” after further hold ups in getting it working.

Local residents and politicians have been campaigning for the safety measure on the A985 Admiralty Road at the Harley Street/Fairykirk Road junction since 1998.

Back in October, they were delighted with a promise from Transport Scotland that a controlled pedestrian crossing would be installed.

The junction is close to Park Road Primary school and parents have been asking for road safety improvements to ensure their children can cross the A985 safely.

One of the campaigners, local resident Jim Paterson, said: “We have fought for years and years for this.

“We have got a crossing now and we were promised it would be up for the schools going back after the summer holidays.

“That was over six weeks ago and the lights are now up but they have no power.”

It’s been a long road to get here and in 2014, families had to take the battle to the Scottish Parliament after plans to install a crossing were scrapped following a traffic survey.

This was despite promises by Bear Scotland, who undertake contracts on behalf of Transport Scotland, to the contrary in December 2012.

There were calls from both the community and Rosyth councillors – as well as Dunfermline and West Fife MP Douglas Chapman – for a crossing, with lollipop man Douglas Rowan revealing that he had a lucky escape last year when a car came hurtling down the road at 60mph, missing himself and a dad by inches.

Another traffic survey was subsequently carried out and the campaign was set for a successful conclusion with Fife Council and Rosyth Community Council coming to an agreement and traffic lights installed around 25 metres west of the junction.

However, the crossing is not in use as the lights have never been switched on.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said there had been issues with the power supply to complete the installation of the new lights.

“Our operating company are working closely with Scottish Power to resolve this issue and expect to have the new traffic signals operational in the coming weeks,” added the spokesperson.