A ROSYTH nursery is playing the generation game with an initiative bringing youngsters and the elderly together.

Building Blocks Nursery, on Innova Way, took inspiration from Channel 4’s ‘Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds’, which saw youngsters work and play with residents to see if it improved the health and happiness of the older group.

They now take the kids to Orchard Head House in Rosyth once a week and it seems to be paying off, providing mental and physical stimulation as the new friends interact on various activities such as puzzles and gardening.

Laura Taylor, deputy manager of Building Blocks Nursery, said: “It all started a few weeks ago and so far, it’s been really successful.

“I watched the programme on Channel 4 and did some research on the idea. We’re always looking to form links with the community and this means the children can build relationships with older people too.

“The activities we choose such as planting, story time or baking make sure everyone can get involved and it’s created a really nice connection between the two generations.”

Staff at Orchard Head House have already seen changes in the residents while parents have been encouraged by the way their kids have been speaking about their new friends at the home.

Laura added: “It’s really great to see the elderly people spending time with youngsters, who they might not ordinarily see, and likewise some of the nursery children might not have grandparents around.

“The reactions from parents have been fantastic and they’ve even asked if we could visit on other days too. The elderly residents always have big smiles on their faces whenever we come. Staff at the home told us they were so shocked that one of the residents went to sit on the floor to read with the children as they had never seen her do anything like that before.”

One of the parents, Alanna McAlister, added: “I’m so glad to see Building Blocks leading the way with this wonderful idea. A very beneficial initiative for all involved.”