An exhibition capturing the work and renewed optimism of dockyards like Rosyth has been opened.

Shipyard will feature around 70 artworks documenting construction of the next generation of Britain’s naval vessels, including the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers at Rosyth (pictured).

The Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine will showcase the exhibition by renowned Scottish artist Lachlan Gouldie, who brings to life both modern construction and the thousands of skilled shipyard workers creating these giant vessels.

It draws on hundreds of images he created at Rosyth and other Scottish shipyards between 2009 and 2016 and will be on show until February 2018.

Mr Goudie said: "Shipyards are awe-inspiring places, the sublime sense of scale and energy, the furious and relentless pace of component panels being assembled into towering monuments of steel.

“There is noise, there is chaos and fire, there’s a visceral sense that you’re part of a vast, industrial organism that will spit you out of the way, unless you watch your step.

“It has been a great privilege to document the extraordinary work of the Scottish shipyards and the character, openness and identity of the people that make everything happen."