A medium and paranormal investigator has issued a public appeal to a Rutherglen family at the centre of a poltergeist probe.

Catherine Shreenan, 51, called Police Scotland on Saturday to investigate a 'disturbance' where officers witnessed clothes fly across the room, lightshades turn upside down and a chihuahua dog appear on top of a seven foot hedge. 

Police sources confirmed officers with decades of experience in the force could not explain the events they had witnessed.

Scottish psychic medium Ally Key, from Dundee, and his wife Sadie, a paranormal specialist, have publicly offered to aid a family who had to call in Police Scotland during an 'unexplained disturbance'.

The married couple, who work full time investigating hauntings and disturbances have offered to privately aid the family by conducting an investigation within their home - which they say has similarities to the Enfield Haunting. 

Ally said: "A professional, experienced person needs to help this family. The disturbance description doesn't sound like a poltergeist, it sounds like an intelligent entity."

He explains a poltergeist - meaning noisy ghost - cannot be at the root of the problem. 

"Spirits can appear and leave at any time. It can be attached to a building or a person, or be an entity arriving because of a dramatic change in the atmosphere or structure of a home - possibly the spirit's old home.

"We would need to conduct a full investigation to determine if there is a logical explaination or if a spirit is inhabiting the property."

Medium Ally, claims to be able to communicate with the dead with help from his spirit guide Father Joseph and releases spirits through his own body.

The pyschic says spirits have forced him to speak in different languages and one even lifted him and threw him to the ground during a vigil in the Blair Street vaults in Edinburgh.

The pair, who have conducted hundreds of investigations between them, say they just want the family to have peace of mind and be able to return to their home privately. 

Ally said: "I've never failed a case, we've always found an answer, paranormal or not. We want to help without a media circus or mass hysteria. 

The couple say they only need two nights in the house to conduct a full investigation. 

Ms Shreenan, who had been living at the property on Stonelaw Road in Rutherglen with her son, has now fled to her parents home just miles down the road in South Lanarkshire. 

Officers called in the Catholic Church to bless the house but remain perplexed over the events which cannot be explained. 

A Police source said officers are looking into the history of the property to see if there is any explaination for the strange events.