BRITAIN’S Best Home Cook contestant Josie Popera has called on Glasgow businesses who are willing to host her as a pop-up trader.

The bank worker from Dennistoun flew the flag for Scotland on BBC One’s new cookery show which sees its series finale on Thursday.

Despite having left the competition in week three, the 37-year-old has big ambitions for the future.

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Looking back on her time in the contest, Josie described how she realised she needed to have more faith in herself after leaving.

She told the Evening Times: “I shied away and put myself down a wee bit. I’ve learned to stop doing that now.

“Me and the other contestants, we were all in the same boat. We had different styles and strengths when it came to cooking and my time on the show has opened me up more to exploring things like baking and pastry-making.

“I’ll always put my Filipino touch into everything. It’s something I’m so passionate about. I’m even proud of my Glasgow connection, hence my roast chicken in Irn-Bru recipe. Who’d have thought that would work so well?

Dunfermline Press:
Josie in action in the BBHC kitchen - (C) KEO - Photographer: screen grab

“My biggest mistake was not believing in myself and not being assertive. I should have walked into that contest knowing why I was there.

“I wouldn’t change anything. I enjoyed it all. I’d probably be less nervous. My nerves got the better of me. When I’m calm and collected, I’m really strong. But I felt like my nerves put me in a bad place.”

Josie’s Filipino roots were difficult to shake off at times. She explained: “We’re used to making several different meals for one sitting and usually feed the whole village. On the show, we only had to make one meal. Seeing all those people around me, I just wanted to feed them all.

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“I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with all the other contestants. We’ve bonded really well. We’re like family and speak frequently. We know what we’re all up to through social media. A reunion dinner will be on the cards.”

She added: “I’m still Josie from Dennie. I’m still me getting on with my job. Now that I’ve been on the show, I want to encourage a lot of other home cooks like me. Watch this space, you might see me frequently on YouTube one day.”

In a call to the city’s businesses, she said: “If anyone in Glasgow wants to try my cooking and wants to invite me into their kitchen, get in touch.”

Are you a Glasgow business and interested in speaking to Josie? Email with your details.

The search for Britain’s Best Home Cook ends on Thursday, June 14 at 8pm on BBC One. Britain’s Best Home Cook - with recipes by Jordan Bourke published by BBC Books - is priced at £25. It includes all the very best recipes from the programme plus additional recipes inspired by the show.