Edinburgh Airport is Scotland's largest and sees thousands of passengers pass through its terminals monthly.

However, leaving your car here while holidaying or picking up a friend from a foreign trip can be challenging and costly.

If you're coming to Edinburgh Airport via car, here is everything you need to know about parking and pick-ups.

Are there free pick-up and drop-off services at Edinburgh Airport?

Free pick-up and drop-off services are available at Edinburgh Airport (at the long-stay car park) for stays of up to 30 minutes.

Those staying for more than this allotted time will have to pay a tariff (which increases the longer a driver remains there).

Stays of between 30 minutes and an hour will cost £8, while those staying between one and three hours can expect to be charged £18.

For quick and easy pick-ups and drop-offs, there is also a charged zone near the EDI control tower.

Stays of up to 10 minutes will cost motorists £5 with every minute after this costing £1.

Find out more about the prices on the Edinburgh Airport website.

Is there free parking at Edinburgh Airport?

There is no free parking at Edinburgh Airport with each service costing drivers money.

Here are all the parking services available at the airport:

Long-Stay Parking

Dubbed one of the "most popular car parks" at the airport, Long-Stay Parking is a 6 to 8-minute walk from the terminal. It will set users back £90 for two days (non-booked).

Mid-Stay Parking

The Mid-Stay Parking was described as a "secret gem" and is around a 10-minute walk from the terminal. A two-day stay here will set travellers back £100.


FastPark is a convenient valet service located right next to the terminal. Find out more here.

Terminal Parking

Perfect for those flying out for a few days, Terminal Parking is only a few minutes walk from the departures. A two-day stint here will cost £120.

Multi-Storey Parking

Edinburgh Airport states: "It's not possible to park any closer than Multi-Storey."

A two-day stay here will set you back £145.

Plane Parking 

This is the airport's official budget car park and is ideal for those looking to make huge savings.

Located slightly further away, the car park has a free shuttle bus service and costs around £80 for two days.