Edinburgh Airport on the outskirts of Scotland's capital is a hugely popular spot for those wanting to fly to a range of exotic destinations.

However, airports can become stressful very quickly when rules and regulations are not adhered to, spoiling the start of a holiday.

This is why we have sought to answer some of the most commonly asked hand luggage questions.

Why are there restrictions on liquids at UK airports?

The current liquid rules were implemented in 2006 to prevent those with hostile intent from carrying explosive liquids onto planes.

This rule was set to change in 2024 with the installation of new technology in airports throughout the country. However, the June deadline has been pushed back.

Does the 100ml liquids rule still apply at Edinburgh Airport?

At the time of writing, the 100ml liquid rule still applies at Edinburgh Airport.

This is despite efforts to change this over the summer with the installation of new scanners.

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Announcing that the rule would remain in place, the airport said: "Please prepare for security as normal and continue to follow the 100ml liquid rules.

"New scanners are being installed at security however this is an ongoing process and the rules will not change this summer.

"Liquids must be under 100ml and put in a clear bag, and large electricals like laptops need to go in the tray with nothing covering them."

Why was the 100ml liquid rule change postponed?

The rule was maintained and reintroduced so that "further improvements" could be made to the new checkpoint systems, according to the Department for Transport.

The rule remains in place at most British airports including London Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester.