RESCUE teams rushed to Aberdour Black Sands beach as a woman sustained a head injury after slipping and falling on rocks on Sunday.

The Coastguard Rescue team from South Queensferry were called out to assist the ambulance service deal with the 42-year-old female casualty at the rocks at Bellhouse Point, near Aberdour Golf Club.

Lifeboat volunteers from RNLI Kinghorn were requested by UK Coastguard to attend the scene at 11.25am and arrived 10 minutes later.

Lifeboat helmsman, Neil Chalmers, said: "Whilst training, the Coastguard requested our assistance at Aberdour. We were first on scene with two crew members going ashore with casualty care equipment to assess the lady.

"The casualty had been walking on rocks near Aberdour golf club and had slipped and fallen, sustaining a head injury which was bleeding.

"Our crew began to assess the lady as the ambulance service paramedics arrived. A stretcher and ambulance service all-terrain vehicle was used to take her off the beach to an ambulance, where she was then taken to hospital for further treatment.

"Along with Coastguard Rescue teams from Kinghorn and South Queensferry, this was an excellent example of teamwork with all the services working together on the beach for a successful outcome."

Crew members on this service were Neil Chalmers, Megan Davidson, Sam Walters and Matthew Mulligan.