Aberdour Post Office has gained a new lease of life after reopening as a hip delicatessen for Fife foodies.

The Post & Pantry is stocking a range of local produce while continuing to trade as the village's local post office.

It's owned by Amanda Braid and Pamela Phillips and the latter said: "It's really been a fantastic start to our first week. The shop is filled with flowers, cards and Prosecco from people wishing us luck in our new adventure.

"We can't thank this lovely community enough for their welcome."

With a queue outside of the door on its opening day last Tuesday, the Post & Pantry is destined to become part of the popular scene for food lovers at Aberdour's high street.

There has been a post office in Aberdour since 1757 and the two local businesswomen are pleased that they can continue to offer this service to the local community along with their deli.

Amanda said: "Judging by the amount of older people using the post office we would say people are grateful that the service is still there.

"It is a real lifeline for some who need to collect their pensions and for us it also brings people into our shop so it's a win, win for all."

The local produce offered at the deli includes meats from neighbouring farmers, artisan cheeses from around Scotland, locally produced fruit and vegetables, as well as an array of freshly prepared baking and takeaway meals.

Pamela added: "This is an idea we've had for the last couple of years and with five children, we can pursue our love of cooking and baking without commuting to Edinburgh."