IT'S a bonnie day in West Fife today: the sun is shining and the birds are singing, but we're sad to report that an ash cloud is lingering.

As you can see from the attached picture gallery, Press readers have flooded our inbox for several weeks with images of the eyesore that is leaving the villages of Newmills, Torryburn and Valleyfield covered in dust.

The residue, coming from the Valleyfiled ash lagoons, is a by-product of the coal burned at Longannet Power Station, due to recent dry and windy conditions.

Today's Press revealed that Torryburn Primary School pupils were kept in at break and lunch for one day this week as parents raised concerns over their children's health and safety.

High Valleyfield elite cyclist Eileen Roe voiced her displeasure on Twitter as her hands were left covered in ash.

NHS Fife responded:

Do you have any images of the ash cloud that you could send in to us as we continue to cover this?

If you do, you can send any pictures to or via our Facebook and Twitter.