A LOW VALLEYFIELD actress is flying high after landing a role in a new critically-acclaimed feature film.

Scarlett Mack stars in Blackbird, a lyrical cinematic fable that explores the passing of songs from one generation to another.

Now living in Glasgow, Scarlett grew up in West Fife before settling in Manchester, where she co-founded a theatre company.

She honed her craft in acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has since performed in 'King Lear' and 'Eight' in Glasgow theatres.

Blackbird was released on DVD on Monday after premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2013, winning the 'Best of the Fest' award.
In the role as Amy, she takes on a clever, worldly and playful character fresh out of university, bored out of her mind after arriving in the town of Portaran.

That is until she meets Ruadhan, played by Andrew Rothney, who provides the distraction Amy has been looking for, and she takes delight in following him on his erratic quests, thrilled in what she finds out about the town traditions in the process.

Released by indie Verve Pictures, Blackbird brings much-loved heroes of the Scots folk revival to the big screen alongside emerging Scottish talent.