THE part Aberdour had to play in the First World War will be on your TV screens this Monday as part of The People’s History Show.

The popular STV programme at 8pm is set to explore the village’s past and in particular the history of Hawckraig Point.

A century ago, Hawkcraig was the location of a hydrophone training station HMS Tarlair.

Men at the station were taught to use hydrophones, which detect sound waves under water, to try and locate German U-boats, which were proving a major threat to merchant shipping. The submarines' torpedoes caused a great loss of life and there was a real urgency to try and curb their threat.

From Aberdour, land and ship-based hydrophones and the training the men received were exported across the globe. During WWI, the Firth of Forth – one of the key Scottish naval bases – became a great training pen. The Hawkcraig experiments were under the command of Captain Cyril P Ryan and made significant technological advances.

Fronted by presenter Sarah Mack and historian and adventurer Ashley Cowie, the TV series looks back in time to discover the places and people that make up Scotland’s shared social history.

Sarah said: “It has been a fantastic opportunity to work on a series that never ceases to amaze me with the weird, wonderful and sometimes gruesome history it explores.  "No matter where you live in this great country we want to encourage you to scratch the surface and take a closer look because you never know what tales and adventures you might unearth right on your doorstep.”