WE would be extremely interested in any additional complaints you have had with regard to the location of the Amusement park and circus at Duloch Park (‘Funfair concerns have been ignored’, Press, 2nd July).

We can understand and have no objection to having a circus and amusements for families in Dunfermline, it’s great for children.

However, the council seriously need to be questioned with regard to giving permission for the event to be held in Duloch Park so close to the homes.

The noise levels so close to the residential homes are absolutely unacceptable, continual pounding of noise for hours. It is unbearable in the garden and is not much better inside the house. We have had a weekend of hell and understand this is likely to continue until 12th July.

Given the problems the police have had to cope with in the Duloch Park and Woodland areas over the last six years, obviously no consideration has been given to the number of complaints they have had to deal with. It is extremely unfair to the community section who have strived to improve the situation in this area.

There are loads of open space areas which could be used which are at a distance from residential areas, opposite the Halbeath retail park, old Hyundai plant, ground near motorway – so why did the council give permission in such a built-up area? One can only assume there may be some sort of commercial advantage to both parties?

Surely there must be a compromise so that the circus/amusements are given permission to be in the area but must be located in a ‘suitable and more distant’ site?

We certainly don’t want to spoil fun for families but there must be consideration for residents.

Name and address have been supplied