Ah the perfect full English breakfast. For some it’s a source of national identity and a great start to the morning, for others it’s the only incentive to get out of bed after a long night out. Whatever your opinion on the most heralded of breakfasts, the full English definitely benefits from using the best ingredients you can source, especially your eggs. A significant movement over free-range eggs is in full swing, and if they haven’t made it onto your table just yet, companies like the happy egg co. are doing everything in their power to change that.

The Happy Egg Co., owned by Noble Foods, operates on a simple but effective policy - the hen comes first. The objective is simple, to try and produce the tastiest eggs by having the happiest hens laying them. The science behind the plan has been extensively researched - after all, there aren’t many things more important than the contents of your breakfast - and does support the theory, so maybe the secret for your Full English is to go free-range with your eggs.

However, the happy egg co. are taking the initiative to go above the minimum free-range requirements, and since their formation in 2009 have been taking all sorts of barrier-breaking actions to try and improve the lives of the little hens who save so many of us from the bland morning bowl of cereal. These special methods include giving the hens acres of natural woodland and grassy fields to roam around in, and a special feed giving your eggs that lovely natural bright orange colour.

A new health craze seems to be sweeping the nation after years of less-than-great nutritional knowledge, and it’s been proved that eggs are one of, if not the most healthy foods on the planet: a large egg contains only 77 calories, just five grams of fat and has six grams of protein with all nine essential amino acids.

So what about the eggs themselves? You not only get the moral satisfaction of knowing the hens are enjoying their spacious, hen-houses and just life in general, but you also get natural goodness that will make your full English irresistible, even to the teenager who doesn’t get out of bed until the sun is high in the sky.

The happy egg co. have also made the best efforts possible to get the most passionate farmers on board, so your breakfasts will contain not only the raw ingredients but maybe a little bit of extra love, care and attention. And in an attempt to really jazz up your kitchen life, the happy egg co Facebook and Twitter page is loaded with original recipes and classic remakes so you can use your free-range eggs to full effect - although nothing beats a full English for this writer!

If you want a bit of fun, then look no further than this: studies have shown that the human voice has a calming influence on hens, so a romantic novel ‘The Reluctant Rooster’ was recently released in audio-book form just for them!

If you feel like your breakfasts are missing that special spark, maybe it’s time to switch to the Happy Egg Company.