THE following letter was sent to the Press, Fife Council and Councillor Neale Hanvey:

WE are writing to complain about one of your traffic wardens. On the afternoon of Friday, February 12, this obnoxious individual tried to book one of our customers who was parked in the loading bay outside our premises, uplifting glass. When our customer explained that he was uplifting glass, your jobsworth warden replied that he was a lucky man not to have been booked!

When spoken to by one of our partners and our office manageress, the warden stated that NO customers are allowed to park in the loading bay to pick up glass. He was asked if they were expected to carry glass across the road and down the stairs to the car park in B&Q, to which he replied: "Yes". He stated that the loading bay was for goods vehicles only.

Now I am not aware that health and safety would condone this blatant breach of basic safety requirements. Can you imagine the danger customers would be in, trying to carry full-sized mirror doors across Inglis Street and down the steps to B&Q car park? Such stupidity beggars belief.

This member of your staff whose basic communication skills are entirely lacking and who does not seem to possess the minimum of common sense, then stated that we cannot load our vans in OUR loading bay, as it is for UNLOADING only. This attitude and complete lack of basic health and safety, not to mention the art of conversation, does not say very much for your training of your staff.

We are sending a copy of this letter to our local paper and also to our councillor in order that people who pay for lunatics such as your employee can see how well their council tax is being spent.

We are a local business, employing local workers, which has been here since the 1970s and it looks like you are trying to put us out of business. If we cannot safely load our vans outside OUR premises, and customers are unable to park to uplift glass, then how are we supposed to carry out our business activities?

We await your response with much interest.

James McCreadie,
Senior partner,
James McCreadie & Sons,
Carnegie Retail Park, Dunfermline