CONGRATULATIONS to the Dunfermline Press, a partner, an office manager and a senior partner for highlighting illegal and dangerous practices on Inglis Street, Dunfermline (Press, February 18).

Inglis Street is a thoroughfare used by traffic and pedestrians entering and exiting (amongst other locations) Carnegie Retail Park.

Are those who disregard parking regulations (including double yellow lines) waiting for an accident to happen before they realise that parking regulations are there for safety reasons for pedestrians and vehicles?

It is appalling that an employee of Fife Council should have been subjected to a barrage of verbal and written diarrhoea. Examples such as "such stupidity beggars belief", "obnoxious individual", "jobsworth warden", "minimum of common sense" and "basic communication skills are entirely lacking" should not be tolerated.

An apology should be given to the warden, verbally and written, by those responsible and his employer and trade union should be assisting in obtaining this.

The warden and his fellow workers have a difficult job and the vast majority of Fife Council tenants support them, especially when the safety of the public is paramount.

Name and address have been supplied