ROSYTH councillor Pat Callaghan is calling for pet owners who have paid fines for their pets fouling, to be name and shamed, exposed, humiliated – this is after they have paid the appropriate fine and acted in accordance with the law ('Name and shame foul pet owners call', Press, February 25).

This is also an issue in which the Scottish Labour deputy leader is embroiled, when he's not fighting the SNP. Surely, there are more important issues he could be dealing with, including working with the SNP to fight the Tories. 

When my son was young, over 30 years ago, and played in the playpark near our home, the place was littered with dog excrement. I wrote to the council and to councillors etc and there was nothing could be done about the problem – nothing.

I suggested asking owners to pick up the excrement and councillors were absolutely astounded at the suggestion and all of my other suggestions. I suggested a designated area for dog-walking and was told this was not possible and there were none at the time (they became possible). I suggested bins for placing dog excrement and was told this was absolutely impossible. I was told children would play in the bins, become infected and the council would be sued. I came home with excrement on the pram wheels and had the sickening job of cleaning it off. 

Some of the councillors are the same councillors as existed then and all of my suggestions have now been implemented. Now councillors want to put people in the stocks and throw tomatoes at them. Things are much better than they were but no thanks to any of them.

I have never had one satisfactory interaction with a councillor in my life. I've been told, when complaining to the them about the council – that they cannot criticise the council. Some of them seem illiterate! I don't actually know what their role is. I've just a read a description of their duties and I am none the wiser.

I suppose at one time, before transport was available to the masses, they rode on horseback to council meetings and rode back to tell us what was said. I don't know if their work output is ever measured in any way and, if it is, where can we read the results? 

Fife Council need to make massive savings. Why don't they start with getting rid of councillors? Any concerns about waste should be dealt with by the environmental health and waste departments and any enquiries at politicians' surgeries should be referred to these departments.

If there is still a huge problem with this issue, it's because these departments are not effective and the problem is a fault of Fife Council. Owners are obviously also at fault and fines should be much higher and penalties severe. 

Name and address have been supplied