YET again, no-one in the Duloch residential area has been given the opportunity to object to the amusement park being situated in the park.

The noise levels last year for two WEEKS were horrendous. Residents witnessed their operatives and public using the park/woods as a toilet which is unacceptable as nursery/primary/special needs children all use the area closest to the centre for outdoor activities, as do residents.

There is absolutely no reason why this amusement event cannot be held elsewhere in Dunfermline at a more convenient distance from residential housing ie at Halbeath sales motor centres in open land there for example.

Or in land between Amazon and Dobbies – where noise would not be an issue.

Why should we have to put up with this noise for two weeks when nobody in the area has been given the opportunity to give any feedback to the council?

Several times, residents contacted the organisers to reduce noise levels, however, they simply turn it back up again when anyone in authority leaves the area.

Name and address have been supplied