FREQUENT comments are made within these columns relating to local motoring issues.

Recently, while awaiting the return of my family, I was parked in the middle of Carnegie Drive Retail Park in Dunfermline opposite the Matalan store and was amazed with the number of drivers, both male and female, old and young, driving cars registered in both Scotland and England, who were exiting completely ignoring the white directional arrows.

It was like they were seemingly oblivious to their existence. 

If there was ever an ‘accident waiting to happen’, then I’ve yet to see a worse example of what I witnessed in the space of 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, this practice is not unique to Carnegie Drive and can be seen within any Fife car park that has directional arrows painted on the roadway, especially at Calaiswood School, Duloch, where directional arrows were recently painted only to be ignored by drivers.

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