I LOVE the Fire Station Creative and have enjoyed most of what it has presented so far. On the down side, it has given a platform to some outsize egos whose work would never have seen the light of day but are now hell bent on blocking out what’s left of it.

In the short time that it’s been on the go, we’ve had one artist whose photo exhibition turned out to be merely a taster for the main event, which was his suggestion that the ‘title’ of the exhibition should be forever emblazoned across the Dunfermline sky in neon lights that would be seen from as far away as Rosyth.

Daft as that sounds, it’s small potatoes when compared to their latest exhibit, which is a big pointy thing, that when built to scale somewhere in Fife, could possibly be viewed from Inverness.

If the mere suggestion that the 300-foot tall Fife Finger Folly should be built was hard enough to take when it first appeared in the Press a couple of weeks ago, it at least caused a chuckle ... £10 million indeed!

In the March 9 edition, however, the artist’s speech justifying the construction of this thing (‘More than 700 attend Spire structure preview’) had me biting the table before I was half-way through reading it.

It begins with: “There is always diversity of opinion” then finishes with “stronger, free and fairer society” and in between is filled with the most unbelievable meaningless, rambling tosh I have ever read in the Dunfermline Press.

The upshot being, I think, he’s trying to tell us that once he’s built this thing, only then can we be fulfilled and become an educated, focused, engaged, caring, sharing, freer, fairer bunch all round and the rest of the world will take heed when they see ‘our arrows of desire’ coming at them.


This is a lump (albeit a very expensive one) of building material he’s talking about.

Please, it’s a fine wee ornament at the moment but let’s not get carried away here.

Just keep it the size it is and when he gets fed up looking at it he can stick it in the shed.

That way we won’t have to put up with its big brother and the nations of the world will be a lot safer not having to dodge ‘our arrows of desire’ flying about all over the place.

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