ABSOLUTELY disgusted with the state of Dunfermline's footpaths! Taking my young son to school on Friday morning was an absolute nightmare. 

The amount of kids slipping all over the place attempting to walk to school along the paths going along Linburn Road, then again along Woodmill Road next to the high schools right along to the other end of Woodmill Road at the primary schools of St Margaret's and Commercial was unbelievable.

Have to say the rest of the paths on main routes weren't much better.

Having to watch as people made the difficult decision as to whether risk injury walking on the footpaths or walk on main roads as you head past Asda St Leonards was a joke.

Wouldn't have been as bad if the ice had come unexpectedly but with the way the weather has been the past few days, it was inevitable and the fact that no-one has taken responsibility to maintain the footpaths to make them safe for young and old alike is diabolical.

Will be nothing short of a miracle if someone doesn't slip and injure themselves.

Adding insult to injury, it looked as though there had been a burst water pipe on Woodmill Road too, once temperatures start to drop and this freezes this will make a road that is already prone to accidents even worse.

Stacey Wood,
Ness Lane,