ONCE again, I find myself having to complain regarding Fife Council and their recycling.

I, and another correspondent, have previously taken issue with the fact that we've witnessed inappropriate street uplifts with different types of waste being thrown into the same lorries. 

I'd like to know why the various local recycling venues aren't emptied ready for people to use over the weekend.

I took my glass recycling to the Abbey View centre on Friday, December 8, only to find that the glass collection bins were full to overflowing, as were the paper and plastic ones also, despite the fact that there was a bucket lorry parked up in the car park area. I returned on the Saturday to find the situation exactly the same.

Surely if the council want to encourage more people to use these facilities then they should ensure that they are constantly tidied and emptied for people to make use of. 

Eric Travers,
Gellatly Road,