RE 'Is love all around in Dalgety Bay?', Press, January 18, firstly, it should be made very clear that I make no money from this, last year I spent several thousands of my own money in doing what I do, I was assisted by donations from many local companies and individuals.

At present, we are in the process of creating a social enterprise – it is not in place yet.

Far from being the maverick as suggested, I did approach the community council leader to discuss what I had planned and they did not want to engage with me.

As far as community participation, I had almost every child from Dalgety Bay primary involved as well as assistance from countless residents of the Bay.

As far as the hearts are concerned, I have had two people say to me they do not like them, and several hundred say they do.

In December, I created ‘reindeer’ at the floral display by the roundabout by the BP station, the same piece of stony ground the councillor refers to. I had several thousand people say they liked them, and one teenage girl state "they look f***ing shit mate". 

Every site where I place a floral display is carefully chosen so as to cause no interference to the grass-cutting teams. I have received feedback to confirm that my displays cause little or no inconvenience, in some instances I have reduced the amount of work now needed by same said teams.

In return, I have created many hundreds of floral enhancements that have made many people of Dalgety Bay smile – is this such a bad thing!?

Peter Collins,
Blooming Lovely,
Dalgety Bay