I HAVE recently observed the ongoing increase in petrol prices in the Dunfermline Tesco, until it is now sitting at £1.21 a litre.

Meanwhile, the price in both the Corstorphine and South Queensferry Tescos has remained static, until we in Dunfermline are now paying 8p a litre more than on the Edinburgh side. 

When I challenged this with Tesco, this was their response: “We try to be as competitive as possible with our petrol prices in the local three-mile catchment area for each store. Generally, prices are set according to prevailing cost price and then adjusted to take into account local competitor prices and demand in those areas. In areas of high competition, prices can be pushed to very low levels that do not reflect wholesale costs.” 

So my suggestion to all drivers from Fife that work in Edinburgh: make sure you buy your petrol over there. Maybe if demands drops they will drop their prices.

I, for one, will no longer be getting my petrol in Dunfermline and thought this disparity should be shared with others who may not have realised there is such a difference. 

Like most people, I started using supermarket petrol as it was considerably cheaper than the likes of BP and Shell but in Dunfermline this is no longer the case – the supermarkets are currently on a par with them.

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