I WOULD like to agree with James Penman about parking in the cemetery grounds on football days. ('James calls foul for fans parking at cemetery, Press, September 6).

I have been fighting with the council on another matter of dogs being allowed to run freely there for nearly four years now.

Despite meetings with the cemetery officials, emails to councillors, SNP party leaders, and even our First Minister, all have fallen on deaf ears.

I sympathise with Mr Penman as I am up there most days, and it is only getting worse.

I have actually been threatened because some inconsiderate person was parked on top of the memorial for the dead babies and I asked him if he would move.

So I am afraid, despite being lodged in the Press as was my story a few times, the council bury their heads in the sand. Try contacting Mr Grimmond, the chief executive. Even he can't be bothered to answer you.

Robert Holland,
West Baldridge Road,