FURTHER to recent articles regarding inconsiderate parking within Dunfermline Cemetery, may I mention serious inconsiderate parking on the paved area at the Pittencrieff Street entrance to Pittencrieff Park provided for pedestrian access to the park.

On a daily basis, pedestrians using the nearby crossing for safety reasons find their access to the pedestrian entrance gates gates completely blocked by parked vehicles on the paved area.

These vehicles parked in this way then force people with children or prams wishing to enter the park onto the roadway.

Fife Council do not regard the access problems as serious enough to put in place any parking restriction measures suggesting that hard-pressed Police Scotland take action to deal with the problem.

I find it quite concerning that with a large free car park nearby, vehicles are allowed to use this section of pavement so that they can be near their homes, saving themselves a four-minute walk to or from the car park.

I enclose images of what takes place daily in the gateway area.

Ian Lamond,
Fodbank View,