GROWING up in Rosyth in the 1960s, there would often be a trip up to Dunfermline for shopping with Mum. We would have something to eat, and I hadn’t realised how many cafes I had been to.

Maloco’s Cafe is one I have very fond memories of. It was lovely to see a photo of it a few weeks ago.

We would always go downstairs where it was table service. I have never found a tomato soup as tasty as the one served there.

Other places visited were the Co-op restaurant, where we were served by uniformed waitresses and ate with heavy, shiny cutlery.

There was a milk bar/cafe at the top of Bruce Street on the right corner, across from where Tesco is now.

The last one was a tea room on the left side of the High Street going towards the town clock. The entrance was through a door opposite the Co-op shops in Randolph Street and up a steep flight of stairs. I think it was called The Afton Tea Rooms.

We are always told not to look back but with times like these, why not reminisce a little.

Margaret Johnston,
Humbie Terrace,