LAST Friday (January 15), my wife and I went to the Tesco at Duloch to do our weekly shop.

As we approached the shop, a member of staff explained that in trying to control the COVID virus, it would be better if only one person did the shopping, therefore cutting down the number of people in the shop by half and hopefully reducing transmission. 

I thought this was a good and sensible approach and my wife did the shopping and I made my way back to the car.

On my way there was a middle-aged couple coming out of their car and I said to them they were only letting one person in to the shop to help control the spread of COVID. 

I was surprised that without even contemplating that was a good suggestion, they immediately said, "We’ll get round that and just go in separately". I watched and as they got near the entrance, they split up to go in separately no doubt to meet inside. 

So what chance have we got of reducing the spread of COVID if this is the attitude of some people? 

Tesco are trying to help reduce the spread of the virus but if some people do this, their efforts are wasted. 

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