AS SUPERMARKETS, finally, after 10 months of delay, get round to denying admittance to people with no face mask protection, who can't prove they're exempt, surely the time has come to reintroduce one-way aisles for shopping (although, no doubt, there will be those who oppose this as well as those who'll blatantly disregard these measures as they do all the other rules).

Social-distancing is almost non-existent in many stores, not helped by the fact that there's far too many people in the stores at any given time.

As this virus mutates and spreads as quickly as we can vaccinate against it, the time has come for people to be extra vigilant.

Eric Travers,
Gellatly Road,

PS Can anybody please explain to me how it's possible to buy a face mask exemption card from Amazon for only £4.95? Surely this is illegal I thought they'd to be approved on medical grounds?