JUST what is wrong with Fife Council these days and their inability to manage recycling uplifts?

One only has to go to Tesco Duloch to see the mess; moreover the problem is more general with litter bins affixed to lamp posts and bus stops in a number of areas overflowing. 

As for paper/cardboard collection from blue bins sited at recycling points, since Christmas, collection has been non-existent. 

A further anomaly has been Fife Council’s inability to standardise household bin colours/contents in line with the rest of the UK.

Ironically, within industry, there’s a national uniform colour code applied to fire extinguisher designating use and contents; why can’t this be applied to bins?

Ironically, when Fife Council rolled out recycling over 10 years ago, they then adopted the national bin colours content identifiers viz:
Grey/black: Landfill. 
Blue: Paper/cardboard.
Green: Plastic/cans.
Brown: Food. 

Unfortunately, somebody had the smart (?) idea of substituting the smaller blue bin to be used for landfill in lieu of the larger grey/black bin. It just didn’t make sense but then it IS Fife Council I’m referring to!

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