MY DAUGHTER and I were at the local Tesco supermarket and we had a disturbing experience. We waited ages to be served while the woman at the till gossiped and giggled with the couple in front of us then had problems with the card machine. 

My daughter bought three items and gave my clubcard and paid for them and I gave my clubcard to receive the points for my large purchase. I was told that I could not use it again. I could not understand as all through the lockdown my daughter got my shopping and hers with a receipt each so that I could pay for mine. 

A very young manager came and at first she agreed with the person at the till then changed her mind and apologised. Too late, the damage had been done and my daughter demanded a refund and returned her goods and I did not buy my large shop. I have never had a problem with my clubcard before and liked getting the points which were a lot.

My daughter has told me that she will never take me back there and I am disabled and no longer drive. Perhaps the staff would be better employed checking the cars that park in the blue badge area without blue badges. We went to Asda and people were abhorred at the way we were treated. 

Mary Whitehill,
Admiralty Road, Rosyth