MY WIFE and I went for a walk in the Glen on a Friday afternoon recently. There were lots of people around, generally enjoying the sunshine and open space. 

We were on our way back to where we had parked the car near the Peacock Restaurant when I spotted a man on a bicycle hurtling towards us, weaving at high speed through quite a number of other walkers. 

What then caught my attention was that he had his hands in his pockets, not on the handlebars, and was depending on shifting his body to avoid hitting anyone. 

We had to step sharply aside as he passed and as I started to take some pictures, the cyclist realised he was about to hit a man and so had to suddenly reach for the handlebars; he was just able to scrape past the man, almost taking a tumble because of his speed and lack of control. 

Everybody just stood in shock as the cyclist went on his way down the hill, without a glance backwards. 

Obviously he hadn’t the slightest concern for the people he had almost hit. Reckless, thoughtless and stupid, were the most printable comments from the people around us.

I guess cyclists are permitted to ride through the Glen. But surely they should do so responsibly, ie in full control of their machines, unlike the fellow who just missed us that Friday. 

His reckless action spoiled what was otherwise a very pleasant walk.

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