ALTHOUGH we are all well aware of, and sympathise with, the need to assist the recovery of businesses at the present time, may I raise concerns regarding the present situation where in a strange turn of events, the original planning conditions for the La Menta bar’s outside seating area in the High Street which were put in place in the interests of public safety have been changed with the ‘in the interests of public safety’ element of the planning permission conditions being removed.

This state of affairs creates a situation where the seating can now occupy the pavement even when traffic is present in the precinct and the access space on the pavement around the seating area is actually reduced to a width of one metre.

At the present time, when we have a requirement for the provision of a two-metres safe social-distancing access space available on suitable pavements for pedestrians, especially those with families wishing to use the safe option of using the pavement when traffic is present, we now find that Fife Council have recklessly created a situation where it appears in this instance that the potential for a businesses making profit has been given priority over the provision of the important Government-recommended safe social-distancing access space for pedestrians in Dunfermline during these health-threatening times.

May I also add that the general public who may be affected by the changes had no avenue available to scrutinise, comment or object to these significant public access changes.

All this at a time when Fife Council are supposed to be striving to create wider, safer access spaces for pedestrians as well as the fact that the problem with the provision of safe social-distancing access space at this location was first raised six months ago.

Mind take care and stay safe.

Ian Lamond,
Fodbank View, Dunfermline