SO WE were having a nice, quiet, slow stroll round Townhill Loch when we were at first dismayed to see an army of what looked like dozens of helmeted, red-shirted cyclists suddenly appear, heading straight towards us. 

With due regard for our elderly health and safety, we stepped to one side to let them pass. Which they duly did, with smiles, waves ... and a shouted chorus of thank-yous!

Well-mannered, friendly, and everything youngsters are alleged not to be these days, it was a pleasant surprise and cheered us up no end! Well done, the boys and girls of Townhill Primary, and the teachers who’ve helped shape their good manners.

Then there’s the other side of the coin regarding loch visitors. A couple of weeks ago, the Press featured blatant fly-tipping at the east end of Townhill Loch. 

This past weekend it was the turn of the lunchers and picnicers. Some might claim this is the case every weekend. Maybe every day.

The picture shows the aftermath of one group having a meal on a bench at a nice, grassy area overlooking the water. Lovely spot. 

So what sort of mind can just walk away and make absolutely no attempt to clear away their rubbish?

In the last few weeks, a group of helpers have been conducting litter pick-ups around the loch. 

Well done to them: but they can hardly be encouraged in their efforts when this is what happens just yards from bins. And if the bins are full after a lot of visitors, wrap it up and take it home.

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