WE LIVE in a country that has produced such talents as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Moody Blues, I am perhaps showing my age here, but also great acts such as Ed Sheeran, Adele, Amy Whitehouse, One Direction, you get my drift, it’s an endless list.

Yet, this year again, we entered the Eurovision Song Contest, with, yes who did we enter and what did they sing?

Nobody I know, knew, or more importantly cared (it was James Newman in case you were wondering, singing ‘Embers’).

I Googled why we do not enter someone like Paul McCartney (again it’s my age), the answer I found was we don’t enter our top talent to make it a level playing field?


What happened in 1969 when our own Lulu became joint winner, was she not considered as top talent? And whether you like him or not, Cliff Richard has represented us twice.

What if we do that for, say, the Olympics? We could find some gym, or retirement home somewhere, and enter all of them instead of the athletes we send; we wouldn’t win any gold, silver or bronze medals but it would level the playing field so other countries could win, much the same as we did with the Eurovision Song Contest.

We should win this contest eight out of 10 times hands-down, no problem, we are one of the most prolific makers of top pop musicians in the world, and they know it.

Someone tell me why it is wrong to enter your best to win.

So, what happened? We came LAST, with nul points. What a disgrace, send in Little Mix!

Brian Prescott, Meldrum Court, Dunfermline