SO, AS a child of the ’50s, I was weaned on Stephens’ rolls, bridies, potato and bean pies, and apple Charlottes, some may say not the most balanced diet on the planet, but favourite treats nonetheless. 

A few years ago, Stephens stopped producing apple Charlottes, disaster! No customer involvement and clearly next to no market research, nothing else competes. 

Now, over the last few weeks, Stephens’ rolls (renowned worldwide) have taken the quality of nothing better than major supermarket products. Disgraceful! Shame on you Stephens, what was clearly an institution amongst Dunfermline folks no longer has any relevance in the current Stephens management.

What’s next? Potato and bean pies, or God forbid, the delicious bridie, a pastry above any other.

Incidentally, I wrote to Stephens asking for some answers two weeks back, guess what, customer services non-existent.

Lee M Marshall,
Address has been supplied