I STOPPED smoking just over 12 years ago but I wouldn’t dream of criticising anybody who still continues to do so.

I’m sure we’re all in agreement that banning smoking indoors was the correct thing to do but the way smokers are continually pilloried as modern-day pariahs is ridiculous, especially as those who vape seem to produce more reek than Mossmorran.

The person in front of me at the local shop was charged £10.95 for a packet of twenty, 80 per cent of which goes in tax to the Government.

People who smoke know full-well the dangers they’re doing to themselves. The hideous pictures on the packets hasn’t stopped them, so the latest idea to put red health warnings on each individual cigarette is laughable. This won’t deter people in the slightest (it wouldn’t me if I still partook).

Imagine the following (clearly hypothetical) scenario. If the Government really feels so strongly about people’s health, then why not ban the habit completely and then let them work out where the replacement tax revenue will come from, as everybody who doesn’t smoke complains bitterly about having to subsidise the shortfall.

Eric Travers,
Gellatly Road, Dunfermline