THE Americans have bought Morrisons so now they have an outlet for their chlorinated chickens.

Morrisons is now promoting fish from Grimsby, a 300-mile journey.

Loch Fyne is 50 miles away and its seafood was sold in the top restaurants in Europe before Brexit.

Scotland has the largest coastline in the British Isles but we Scots are offered seafood that’s travelled hundreds of miles simply because it has a Union Jack on it.

They also plan to bring in milk from England’s midlands.

Scottish weather is a joke to many – hour upon hour of rain but that rain produces lush grass which produces the best meat which produces the best milk, butter and cheese.

Why on earth would anyone want to buy food or milk that’s travelled hundreds of miles when the very best is on our doorstep and sold under the Saltire?

Morrisons put up the prices of locally-grown produce in favour of its own cheap versions.

The public should be warned that 70 per cent of all American hospital admissions are food-related. American food is cheap but deadly.

England is a dry country; its oak trees are slowly dying through lack of water.

They are laying a pipeline so England can take millions of gallons more of Scottish water every year to keep itself functioning – water that will need to be paid for after independence.

Why would anyone want to buy English food and milk before Scottish?

I never buy food with the Union Jack on it, I always buy food sold under the Saltire; it’s fresh and local – I very much doubt whether horse meat would be sold under the Saltire.

When shopping in Asda, I asked for a Scottish chicken and was told they were a British firm and didn’t sell Scottish chickens.

Asda sells produce from all over the world but they won’t sell Scottish chickens. I now buy from Aldi and Lidl.

They sell Scottish chicken, pork, beef, milk, butter and cheese; the Highland cheeses are excellent.

Also, Scottish potatoes are sold worldwide because they are the best you can buy.

I am very pleased to see that Aldi and Lidl are opening new stores in Scotland and as long as they play fair with their Scottish customers, I will continue to shop with them.

Millions of gallons of Scottish water is being pumped into England so Morrisons can sell back to the Scots the milk this water helps to produce and so do down our own local farmers.

This Union Jack is farcical and we have to wonder just what is in it for the owners of the companies that take part in it.

Will Morrisons receive a tax incentive? Will they pay less in tax than the ordinary family with two or three kids? London controls the taxes and the incentives to do Scotland down.

This British Union is toxic to Scotland and the sooner we get in control of our own economy, the better.

Any firm that doesn’t want to work in an independent Scotland can pack its bags and go for there will be many more who will want to come and make a success of Scotland’s independence.

G Ross, Queensferry Road, Rosyth