WILL someone in authority kindly explain to me why it is perfectly acceptable for unvaccinated young people in a nightclub to dance unmasked very close together in a busy, enclosed space with a hot, stuffy atmosphere, whereas I  – a careful double-vaccinated pensioner – is treated as a danger to my fellow beings and required by law to wear a mask while waltzing down an air-conditioned aisle in Tesco? It is an utter joke, completely bonkers!

In addition, it now appears that masks in shops will continue to be compulsory until Christmas, and beyond into 2022. This diktat shows no recognition that for many older people, masks are literally a pain in the neck. They get hot and flustered, specs steam up, and they cannot hear/interpret what is being said. 

Double vaccination is said to be a ‘game-changer’ – not much sign of it here. Masks till 2022 is not a “careful mitigation”, but an intolerable, unjustified, unacceptable imposition.

If masks are not to be ditched very soon, then the Government needs to set a target date for all eligible adults to be vaccinated, at which point ALL restrictions should be lifted. The current situation cannot continue ad infinitum.

I expect no ‘official’ response. Our local SNP MSP appears never to respond to any public comments/criticism.Then again, why should she – the next election is years away.  

Ernie Jamieson,
(Full address has been supplied)