COUNCILS in the UK have been asked to support the Afghan Citizen Resettlement Scheme to provide accommodation for Afghan families. It is estimated that over 20,000 will be resettled in the UK. 

There are 129 MSPs and 650 MPs all earning between £64,470 and £157,861 plus over-generous expenses. For some inexplicable reason, there are also 800 people in the House of Lords and they are entitled to £323 a day in attendance allowance. 

What we need is for our politicians to lead by example. Instead of the Afghan families' housing and living costs being funded by the taxpayer, politicians should take in an Afghan family to their own home or substantially contribute to their cost. 

After all, six years ago, Nicola Sturgeon promised she would take a Syrian refugee family into her own home. Strange that there have been no regular press releases as to their progress.

Clark Cross,
Springfield Road,