I HAVE complained to Fife Council and the council tax office with regard to a reduction or part rebate on my council tax due to the non-collection of refuse bins, a service that my council tax goes to pay for.

They are saying it's because of a high number of absences, mainly HGV drivers and vehicle breakdowns etc. Well this is not my fault - I'm still paying my council tax and not receiving the services.

They are telling me they don't have the resources to return to the service at this moment. I don't care. I'm asking for a rebate on what I pay, that's it.

They are also telling me to do their job for them for free by using my own time, car and fuel to take my refuse to a recycling centre Why should I if I'm already paying for them to do it through my council tax?

So, basically, they are taking my hard-earned money and I'm not getting this service.

Now I am very angry at the local council response. They don't care but they will still take the money.

If I missed or failed to make my council tax payment, I would be bombarded with demand letters and threats. Why are they getting away with this?

Name and address have been supplied