AHEAD of COP26, the Queen, who couldn’t attend, was, apparently, overheard saying that she was irritated by those world leaders who talked about climate change but did nothing to tackle it.

Is this the same Queen, one of the largest landowners in Scotland, who vetted 67 laws within the Scottish curriculum to ensure that her private lands are exempt from the current initiative to cut carbon emissions?

Meanwhile, her son, Prince Charles, The Man Who Would Be King (copyright Rudyard Kipling 1888) has converted his Aston Martin to run on a surplus of English wine and cheese whey and is urging us all to do, similarly, as best we can.

Full marks to him for his environmental approach but I’m assuming most of us don’t own a James Bond vehicle.

I’m also not surprised there’s a surplus of English wine, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot barge pole but I must admit that I was worrying as to what to do with my excess cheese whey ... it’ll be interesting to see how far my 2007 Clio will go on that!

Do this bunch of Hoorays really believe that they live in the same world as the rest of us?

They’re an absolute joke, not a very funny one, but, certainly, a hideously expensive one, and they should be immediately decommissioned.

Eric Travers,
Gellatly Road,