AS RECOMMENDED by the Scottish Government, I have been testing for COVID on a very regular basis.

Today, when reporting a test result, I find that I have to add my NHS number. Not knowing this, there is a link to find this out, entering the required information only to find that I don’t exist which has come as a bit of a surprise as I am sure I am here!

It would seem that the NHS or the Scottish Government or both are making it as difficult as possible to report tests instead of making it as easy as possible, needless to say I won’t be taking any more tests and if I do I will not be reporting the results.

I also heard the other day from a reliable source that NHS Fife are not allowing admin staff to work from home all the time but have to attend the office two or three times a week!

What is wrong with these people? We have heard for two years now we must protect the NHS – I always thought that they were there to protect us, although that’s another debate. 

When the Government is ordering people to work from home when they can why is NHS Fife not allowing this when they know that their admin staff can successfully do this?

James Miller,