I AGREE with your correspondent Geoff Moore regarding his views that single-use face masks should be banned (‘Your say’, Press, January 20).

One thing I can certainly say as an Autistic person is the Government and the Green Lobby are very selective in what they want banned.

I can no longer get a plastic straw when I go out for a drink and I find the alternatives cause me great sensory distress. 

Interestingly, I have recently read an article that volunteers across Fife have picked up 33,556 used face masks in recent months.

I certainly don’t ever recall reading any articles about that number of plastic straws being picked up.

I therefore think that Geoff is correct in his view that single-use face masks should be banned. They also cause untold environmental damage and can cause injury and death to birds, hedgehogs and other similar animals. 

Those who drop them are reckless and careless individuals and potentially spread disease and defeat the purpose of wearing them in the first place. These individuals should face hefty fines for littering and contributing to the breakdown in public health.

Alastair Macintyre,
Webster Place,