AS IF things aren’t bad enough already, it’s estimated that 73 per cent of the Scottish population will be plunged into fuel poverty by January 2023 (it’s interesting to note that, while still high, in the Tory heartlands of London and the South- East of England it’s ‘only’ 56 per cent and 58 per cent respectively).

To break this down for Scotland:

Vacuum cleaner – Now: 56p per week, January 2023: £1.40 per week.

Washing Machine – Now: £1.68 per week, Jan 2023: £7.35 per week.

Oven, same as your washing machine.

Fridge freezer – Now: 88p per week, Jan 2023: £2.23 per week.

Electric shower – Now: £2.94 per person, per week, Jan 2023: £7.31 per person, per week.

Heating, lighting, toasters, TVs, consoles, phone chargers, laptops, all things we take for granted, will just add to the spiralling costs, as most of us are financially strangled, but will we be?

It’s time to show a bit of resilience. Here’s my easy seven-point plan to avoid the impending crisis:

1 Don’t wash.

2 Don’t clean your house, or clothes.

3 Don’t turn the heating on.

4 Don’t allow yourself any form of electrical entertainment.

5 Don’t phone anybody.

6 Don’t turn your lights on.

7 Eat sandwiches.

C’mon people, let’s get real. Living under the Tories is a dawdle.

Just make an effort.

Eric Travers,
Gellatly Road,